✨Visual About Me /- 45 years 😉

💕I remain dedicated to helping others achieve their best in their skin. I have spent 45 + years fighting😉 the “wrinkle war” at my age no one believes it. Until I say “do the math” ( giving my birthday🎂) 😊.

Suzanne / Minus Twenty Essence / Creator💕💖

Me in my twenties, when I began my “beauty journey” into skin care. Little did I know, the picture below would be me at 69! ( and my skin care discovery through time would be “as a fountain of youth ).
Yes, today 69 + and holding 🙂 My 20’s brought me here 45 years of discovery to see my skin travel through time and “look as I did in my 20’s. Developing my skin essence is now for you, as a “proven use” not a 8 hour promise. or a skin mask.
. My gift to women around the world, to bring your core of beauty out and protect it a lifetime ” as I have “.

“It’s Time To Rewind “Time😉”

“Its time to rewind time” and for me at 69 + to release a great developed beauty .essence. My 45 year development of a formulated .essence can help you to retake your beauty and build the core on its natural structure.

I’m not into “quick fix or shrink wrap skin tight 4 hour beauty”. I won’t be a Botox user, that simply doesn’t apeal to me. In the long haul we want the best we can be, the core of our beauty. Rewind, nourish, feed and maintain a steady core feed.

Results rest on your application, skin, and absorbing abilities and helpful tips I have ready to share. Let’s get started, my goal is the beautiful you.….I am living proof, 45 years after my start I still.… look younger than I am.😉💖 Years off my age… no wrinkles, no frown lines, no surgeries , simply the best me…. you can be the best you…with Minus Twenty .essence .😉

About me : My ethics and values are still the same. I won’t make false promises, or pretend. My skin is my “calling card” of truths. Your skin can be better, and bring out the “extended beautiful you.” Minus Twenty .essence works, it’s that simple.

On a personal Note : I went through a bumpy road at times, and stress can play havoc on our skin. I lost all my family in 9 months, ( 1 every 3 months 3 total ) fought breast cancer free now 20 years. Survived a 100% blocked right artery 5 min to spare or die. I feel blessed in many ways, so I feel its time to give back, share a proven skin essence and help women and men bring their core beauty to rewind mode. 😉 that’s “simply me“.

Reach me personally : suzannemichaels@aol.com Subject line ” Beautify me”

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